Module B

Hello all, in this blog post we will be exploring Rob Sitch’s 1997 film ‘The Castle’ and its relation to the Standard English Module A: Language, Identity and Culture. Let’s jump into the topic sentence: Sitch utilises the narration of Dale, the protagonist Darryl’...
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Welcome back to another CLEAR Education blog! In this post we will be exploring the film ‘The Truman Show’ for the Standard English HSC Module B: Close Study of Texts. Specifically, we will be unpacking the contents of a body paragraph in terms of the films symbolic repr...
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Welcome back to the CLEAR Education blog. Today's blog focuses on some of the more obscure poems of T.S Eliot as part of Module B; such as Preludes (written in 1910) Context: Preludes was written during the evolution of Modernism, amidst an interwar period distinct in its in...
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