The Castle - Quotes and Analysis

Hello all, in this blog post we will be exploring Rob Sitch’s 1997 film ‘The Castle’ and its relation to the Standard English Module A: Language, Identity and Culture.

Let’s jump into the topic sentence:

Sitch utilises the narration of Dale, the protagonist Darryl’s son, and his distinct ‘Aussie’ vernacular to voice his thoughts in appreciation of his father and family. This distinct colloquial language features prevalent in the early stages of the film places the audience immediately in the context and setting of the Kerrigan home, a working class family living in the fictitious neighbourhood of Highview Crescent and provides a snapshot of ordinary Aussies with oversized, ‘larrikin’ personalities.

Remember to always attempt to connect each sentence, i.e. there must be a distinct flow between each sentence.

Darryl is immediately established as the central figure to the film, through his son’s narration, ‘Not Dad. He reckons power lines are a reminder of man’s ability to generate electricity. He’s always saying great things like that.’ The distinct Australian language is coupled with the low angle shot of Darryl hosing the garden, where the camera work and lighting is utilised to bathe Darryl in a positive ‘light’ emphasising not only Dale’s but the family’s appreciation for their father.

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Remember to utilise the key words of the question in your analysis...!

Furthermore, this uniquely Australian family identity is also displayed during the dinner scene, the traditional family setting of a dinner table is used with the distinct characterisation of Darryl’s sons. Their attire is simple and resembles Darryl while their haircuts are recognisable working class ‘mullets.’ Yet, this simplicity paves a unique and distinct family bond, conveyed through the voice-over, “Dad had a way of making everyone feel special.” This voice-over is reinforced with visuals of Darryl individually praising family members throughout dinner, specifically through the dialogue, “Go on, tell them, tell them…Dale dug a hole.” The mid shot portrays their elated facial expressions and body language as he sportingly ‘punches’ Dale.

Again, be sure to finish with a linking sentence and be sure to use the key terms of the question throughout the paragraph in order to engage with and answer the question!

*Please note that while this information is a great starting point for these texts, relying solely on the information in this post will not be enough to get a result in the top bands.


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