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Why choose CLEAR Education?

The tutoring at CLEAR is unique as it is driven by Karene, an English teacher working with over 18 years experience in the education industry. Karene is currently a specialised Year 12 English teacher at Marist College Kogarah.

'All staff have been tutored at CLEAR Education and are handpicked to be inspiring mentors for our students.

I have supported them by writing lesson plans and discussing effective teaching strategies to suit each child. Our collection of resources and succinct essay structures are used to guide our students to help them excel at school.

This guidance coupled with the team's exceptional motivational and communication skills are a wonderful formula that have guided our students towards HSC success.'

Karene Buchanan (Lucas), Founder


Written by previous CLEAR Students and Parents

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"Highly recommend Clear Education. You are in good hands with Karene and her team. We engaged with them at the beginning of the year for our son who was doing his HSC. His tutor, Ben connected with our son, identifying areas where he could improve and then focused on developing him, whereby he improved his English result by 20% and achieved above expectations for his ATAR gaining his 1st University choice. We are very grateful and happy with the support Clear Education have provided."

- Damon Medley (parent)

"Karene and her team at Clear Education were amazing for my daughter who had a tough HSC journey with ADHD. Chloe couldn’t have done it without Karene & Kshaunish, not only do they help with the academic side but they help your children with the HSC journey. I had both of my children tutored at CLEAR & are so very proud of their results - both ended up achieving wonderful marks and studying their dream course! If you’re looking for a place that supports not only your child but also you as the parent with all the challenges that go with the HSC- go with Clear Education!"

- Chantelle Xegas

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"Clear Education was highly beneficial with boosting my grades over the last three years and helped me achieve my ATAR goals. Thanks to Karene's guidance, I connected with fantastic tutors for multiple subjects, positively impacting my overall performance. I can't recommend this tutoring centre enough – my HSC results wouldn't be as great without them. Big thanks for all your support!"

- Ella Howard (student, now tutor)

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"Nothing but excellent service from Karene and her amazing team @ Clear Education. The support and guidance my son received significantly boosted his confidence and academic performance. Thank you for all your help and support. I highly recommend Clear Education for anyone seeking effective, dedicated  and personalised tutoring. Keep up the great work!"

- Kathy Kagnovich (parent)

"Our daughter, Ciara was distressed and underachieving at school until we reached out to Karene and her team. Ciara’s marks went from 50s to an ATAR mark of 89. Without a doubt, without CLEAR Education, Ciara would not have gotten into her chosen degree at Uni."

- Pauline Evans (parent)

"I was able to boost my confidence in exam situations, consolidate my understanding of syllabus dot points and improve my essay writing skills in a range of subjects through the help of my tutors. Without them, I wouldn't be able to achieve such great results in the HSC. Highly recommend. Didn't regret joining CLEAR at all."

- Daniel Tee (student)

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"I joined Clear Education at the beginning of year 12 and I am truly so grateful as the team tremendously helped me to prepare for the HSC. Not only did my marks improve thoroughly, but the patience and endless guidance from my tutors, Karene and Jocelyne improved my confidence. I highly recommend this centre as I know I wouldn't have gotten to where I am without them."

-  Tatyana Ishak (student)

Our Students...

Our students come from a range of schools across Sydney.

Our Tutors, Our Family

Our tutors have all undertaken the 'CLEAR' approach.

Our tutors are chosen because they are ex students of CLEAR Education and have excelled using the 'CLEAR' method.

Our tutors are passionate, driven and excited to share their knowledge and skills with their students.

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