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Our tutors, already having excelled under the direction of CLEAR are also continually mentored and trained by Karene Buchanan. They have each shown an exceptional drive to achieve outstanding results, immersing themselves in the friendly, but driven atmosphere CLEAR Education provides. Each mentor has excelled in English or Maths and has the ability to communicate and teach effectively.

Meet the team below!

Karene Buchanan, Founder

Karene Buchanan holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education in English and Drama which was completed at UNSW in 1998. She taught at St Spyridon College for 8 years and then had her first child in 2009. She then started a part time tutoring business which has now flourished into CLEAR. Her passion is for students to receive a good education to ensure they get the results they need to successfully fulfill their career goals.

"We focus on specialised one on one lessons to individually support and challenge each of our students. We have chosen ex students to become a part of our team as they have excelled using our CLEAR approach and they are excited to share their knowledge and skills with their students. The process of selecting the appropriate tutor for our students is also integral to our approach. If a student has a dynamic tutor who can build rapport, motivate and extend them, then their commitment will improve as will their
Confidence, Literacy, Effort, Abilities and Results and that is the whole point of CLEAR."

The tutors, the role models, the champions

Lucas Fagundes-Lydon

English isn’t an easy subject, especially if it doesn’t come naturally to you, but I promise you, it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. Karene, our director at CLEAR Education, taught me personally at my high school of Marist College Kogarah. She proved to me, and everyone time and time again, that with a guiding hand to show you direction, and a personal desire to self-actualise, you can achieve whatever mark or band you desire in this subject.

I was fortunate and privileged enough to have gifted and dedicated teachers at my high school like Karene. It was only through their help and the supportive environment that they created, that I was able to achieve my goals of a band 6 and E4 in both Advanced and Extension English respectively. Karene made it clear to me, if you give this subject what it deserves and commit yourself to making the at first inconceivable a reality, it will happen.

Karene, my colleagues and I ensure that when you walk through the doors of CLEAR Education, you walk into a community that only wants the best for you and will make sure that you have every tool necessary to become the best you can be at English. So, come to CLEAR Education, and let us show you the abilities you didn’t even know you had.

Kshaunish Chaplot

Kshaunish graduated from Marist College Kogarah in 2017 as College Dux, with an ATAR of 99.75. Now, he is currently studying a Doctor of Medicine. 

Through recursive hard-work, perseverance and a little bit of strategy that he likes to call “playing the HSC game”, Kshaunish was able to achieve HSC marks of 99/100 in both Extension 1 & 2 Mathematics, 94/100 in Chemistry, 93/100 in Physics and 91/100 in Advanced English, achieving the HSC All-Rounder award for Band 6 in all his subjects.

Yet, preceding Kshaunish’s knighting as the princely ‘Guru’ of Mathematics, he remained a mere mortal, achieving a mid to low ranking throughout Stage 5 without any clear passion for the subject. It was with the help of his teachers and tutors including Karene that he soon came to realise his true potential and strove to achieve greatness.

Kshaunish hopes to drive not only the values of resilience, dedication and hard-work into his students, but also mentor and support their mental focus and passion for this truly magnificent, mathematical world we live in (his words not ours!). This is what he and CLEAR education believe, is the recipe to HSC success.

Billy Matsos

Billy Matsos graduated from Sydney Boy’s High School in 2018 with an ATAR of 97.95. Now, he is studying Advanced Science at the University of Sydney, majoring in Physics and Mathematics to work toward a career in astrophysics.

During his first and second year in university, Billy has been awarded the opportunity to work under the supervision of his professors in active areas of Physics research. This resulted in Billy's team publishing an academic paper on Dark Matter, which is an oustanding achievement for an undergraduate team.

Previously tutored by Karene, he has adopted many of the techniques in writing clear and structured essays, skills in analysing texts and ultimately understanding the HSC English formula. Initially finding difficulty in English, he finished with a 91/100 in English Advanced. Billy also achieved external marks of 92/100 in Extension 1 Mathematics, 89/100 in Extension 2 Mathematics, 92/100 in Physics and 90/100 in Chemistry.

Billy hopes to instil a sense of enthusiasm in his students that reflects his passion for Maths and Science. In doing so, imparting a genuine understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts that aren’t only memorised but truly understood.

Valantia Stamatopoulos

Valantia Stamatopoulos graduated Bethany College, Hurstville in 2018 with an ATAR of 91. She enjoyed Legal Studies, Geography and Drama subjects, consequently resulting in HSC grades over 90. Her 2nd rank out of 70 students in Geography however was her greatest passion, enjoying all aspects of the subject and is excited to share this enthusiasm to the students of CLEAR education.

Valantia has a passion for drama and theatre, attending local plays and productions with friends. Her love of the subject during secondary education has formed a part of her personal pastime as well as developed her love for performance and public speaking.

In 2019, Valantia studies a Bachelor of Laws/Commerce at Macquarie University, using her secondary education appreciation for the legal system to make a lasting career. She is very excited to assist students at CLEAR in order to provide enthusiasm and enjoyment for HSIE subjects like Geography, SOR and Legal Studies as well as English and provide them the best result for a student's high school journey.  

Milena Marjanovic

Milena is an ex-student of CLEAR Education, graduating from St Catherine’s School in 2018 with an ATAR of 98.0. With the help of Karene, she was able to enhance her essay writing skills and learn how to more effectively analyse texts.

Milena was able to greatly improve in English with the support of CLEAR, achieving a score of 94/100 in English Advanced and 47/50 in English Extension. In 2019, Milena began studying a Bachelor of Arts and Laws at Sydney University. She aims to support and motivate her students in achieving their goals, as well as building up their confidence and enthusiasm in English. 

Selena Kranitis

Selena graduated from De La Salle Cronulla in 2018, and with the help of CLEAR Education, was able to greatly develop her essay writing skills before completing the HSC. With a better understanding of essay writing after working with Karene, she was able to apply this knowledge to essay writing in other subjects such as Design and Technology receiving a mark of 91. 

Selena has an interest in textiles and completed her design and technology major project around this passion. She was nominated for the SHAPE 2019 showcase at the Powerhouse Museum for her major works in this subject. 

Encouraged to provide children with the assistance they need throughout their schooling years, she is studying a Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education at UTS. 

Anthea Condous

Anthea Condous is an ex-student of CLEAR education, where she was tutored by Karene for English Advanced, who helped her improve her English skills and marks dramatically by the end of year 12.

She graduated from St Spyridon College in 2019 with an ATAR of 98.95. Anthea achieved a band 6 in Advanced Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Business Studies and an E4 in Extension 1 Mathematics. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Advanced Studies as a Dalyell Scholar at the University of Sydney.

Anthea has a strong passion for mathematics, where she attained an exceptional HSC mark of 100 in Advanced Mathematics, ranking 13th in the state, as well as achieving a mark of 49/50 in Extension 1 Mathematics. Anthea aims to use her knowledge, skills and appreciation for mathematics to assist other students to achieve their potential and enhance their problem-solving skills. She also aims to share her enthusiasm for this subject and boost the confidence of other students at CLEAR education in discovering their mathematical ability.

Additionally, not only is Anthea passionate about mathematics, she also excelled in all subjects she studied through her determination and hard work. She aims to instil this resilience in other students of CLEAR Education to help them achieve their goals, as well as pass on her enjoyment and fondness of these subjects.

Maree Nikitopolous

Maree Nikitopoulos graduated from St Catherine’s School in 2018 and is now studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology) at Sydney University. Maree is an ex-student of Clear and with the help of Karene during year 12, she was able to gain a new enthusiasm towards English, refining her essay writing skills and building her confidence. Maree hopes she can pass on this expertise to her students, and assist them in achieving their goals and feeling confident within their studies.

Gilbert Punyawan

Gilbert Punyawan graduated from Sydney Technical High School in 2019 and is an ex-student of CLEAR Education. When he first came to CLEAR, he did not have a clear sense of direction with his essay-writing and was not effectively analysing texts. Ultimately, he had been using the same tricks and techniques he had been using since Year 10, putting him in the bottom 40 of the cohort during the first 2 terms of Year 12. His tutor, Milena, helped him to grasp the meaning of each text while also helping to consolidate his essay-writing skills. This helped re-ignite his passion for English literature, as well as gaining the confidence to tackle any type of English situation, eventually landing in the top 20 of 164 students after trials. In the 2019 HSC, Gilbert achieved an overall mark of 89% for Advanced English, with an ATAR of 93.95.

Gilbert has a strong passion for soccer, video games, and playing the drums. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Science and Advanced Studies under a partially funded Academic Excellence Scholarship, majoring in Anatomy, at the University of Sydney. Gilbert strives to ignite a passion for English in all his students, just as when he was a student at CLEAR.

Siena Pantaleone

Siena is an ex-student of CLEAR education, where she was tutored by Karene for English Advanced, who helped her improve her skills in English and helped her grow her marks dramatically by the end of year 12. 

She graduated OLSH College Kensington in 2020, with an ATAR of 96.75. Siena was also awarded the NSW Premier's All Rounder's Award for achieving a Band 6 in all of her subjects, including English Advanced, Maths Standard 2, Studies of Religion 2, Geography and PDHPE. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science at University of Technology Sydney. 

Siena has a great passion for both health and fitness and mathematics, whereby she was ranked first for PDHPE and Maths Standard 2 in her cohort for year 11 and 12. She excelled in all her subjects through her great diligence, determination and hard work. She is excited to pass on her expertise and knowledge to all her students, allowing them to achieve their goals and feel confident in all their subjects, whilst also creating a positive and safe environment for all.

Peter Ghobrial

Peter Ghobrial graduated from St Mark's Coptic Orthodox College in 2020 and now studies Veterinary Science. He has always been passionate about maths and science, achieving band 6s in Extension 1 and 2 Mathematics while still in Year 11 and band 6s in both Chemistry and Physics in Year 12.

Throughout highschool, his internal ranks in English were always low compared to his ranks in other subjects. Before joining CLEAR education, he had accepted the fact that he would not do well in English. However, with the help of Lucas and Zach, he was able to rebuild his essay writing foundations and learn the power of simplicity in a good essay. Then, with the guidance of Karene throughout year 12, Peter not only improved his ranks but gained confidence in his writing skills and went on to achieve a mark of 88/100 in English Advanced which, although not his highest mark, is the mark he is most proud of.
Peter's goal at CLEAR education is to motivate students by helping them to deeply understand and visualise concepts rather than to simply memorise them.

Lianna Whitehouse

Lianna Whitehouse is an ex-clear education student. She graduated from St Vincent’s College in 2018. Lianna came to clear education with the challenge of improving her essay structure, her analysis and her creative writing. But through the consistent commitment and confidence from Karene, Lianna was able to rise and excel in her final HSC English exams. 

Lianna is currently in her third year of completing a Bachelor of Primary Education with a specialisation in Religious studies at the University of Notre Dame. Lianna has a love and passion for teaching kids and brightening their futures. 

Lianna’s love of kids has come from many aspects of her life including her school immersion to Tanzania, where she painted, played games and danced with the local kids in the community. Lianna aims to support and motivate her students in achieving their goals, building their confidence and to have fun whilst doing so. 

Delwyn Tjahjadi

Delwyn Tjahjadi graduated from Brigidine College Randwick in 2019 with an ATAR of 98.75, and with the help of CLEAR Education, she was able to significantly improve and enhance her essay structure and writing skills by the end of the HSC. Her tutor (and sister), Darlene, helped her to effectively analyse texts and develop a sophisticated style of writing, ultimately enabling her to achieve an Advanced English Mark of 96 and a 1st rank in her cohort.

Delwyn was also awarded the NSW Premier’s All Rounder's Award for achieving a Band 6 in all of her subjects including Advanced English, Business Studies, Modern History, Studies of Religion 1, Advanced Mathematics and Extension 1 Mathematics.

Delwyn is currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Information Systems at the University of New South Wales. She is committed to assisting and motivating students to achieve their goals and hopes to instil a sense of passion, dedication and resilience in their learning experience. 

Frances-Lee Pascalis

Frances-Lee is a former student of CLEAR education who has graduated from St Spyridon College in 2020. With the ongoing support of Karene through her year 12 studies, she was able to improve her essay writing and analytical skills which enabled her to achieve a high rank in Advanced and Extension English. Frances-Lee applied her progressive knowledge and expertise of English to her other subjects which enabled her to receive band 6 results for PDHPE and Drama. 

Her performing arts subjects Drama and Music were her greatest passions. Her strength for the performing arts was pursued to her year 12 studies and enabled her to achieve a nomination for OnStage 2021 showcase at the Seymour centre for her individual Drama project. 

Given her love for literature and passion to teach, she has chosen to study a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Secondary Education degree at the University of Sydney. Her family context with members in the field of education and her role as the eldest sibling of three has naturally and gradually developed her skills to teach others with confidence and enthusiasm which is why she sincerely welcomes a career in secondary school education and private tutoring.

Riley Licari

Riley is an ex-student of CLEAR education, graduating from Marcellin College Randwick in 20221 with an ATAR of 94.5. With the support of Siena and Valantia, he was able to dramatically improve his skills in both English and Maths, achieving a 97/100 in Mathematics Standard 2.

He is particularly interest in Legal Studies and Studies of Religion 2 which led him to achieve a Band 6 in both subjects and place 1st in his cohort. He also achieved a Band 6 in Biology which led him to study a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Criminology and Animal Health, Disease and Welfare at the University of Sydney with the hope to one day practice Veterinary medicine

He hopes to utilise his knowledge and support his students so they can feel more confident in their learning, and achieve their goals

Daniela Stamatellis

Daniela Stamatellis is an ex-student of CLEAR Education, graduating in 2020 from Brigidine College Randwick with an ATAR of 92.15. 

With help from CLEAR Daniela achieved an HSC Advanced English mark of 91/100 and Extension English mark of 46/50.  Daniela initially seeked the help of CLEAR as a primary school student struggling significantly with English. However, has excelled developing an array of skills prior to completing the HSC, which she is determined to instil within her students. 

Daniela’s passion and determination resulted in achieving a band 6 also in PDHPE, which lead to her currently studying a bachelor of exercise physiology at University of New South Wales. 

Anthony Xegas

Anthony is an ex-student of CLEAR Education and a graduate from Trinity Grammar School in 2020. Having Karene as a tutor, he learnt the valuable skills needed to construct arguments and write compelling essays, allowing him to increase his English rank from 85th in Year 10 to 12th in Year 11. 

He was able to use these transferable skills in HSC English to gain an external mark of 95 in HSC Drama. Anthony also achieved an external mark of 90 in Mathematics Advanced. 

Having an interest in how people think and why people think the thoughts they think, led him into his current studies in a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie University.

Jocelyne Santoso

Jocelyne Santoso is an ex-student of CLEAR Education, graduating from OLSH College Kensington in 2021 with an ATAR of 93.9. With the help of Maddy as her English tutor and Anthea as her Maths tutor, she was able to refine her skills and improve her marks in both subjects dramatically. 

Jocelyne has a passion for business after completing Business Studies and Economics in her HSC year, whilst achieving 1st Place in her cohort and the Youth Partnership VET Excellence Student Award in Business Services. Her interest in Mathematics also led to her studying a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology Sydney. 

Jocelyne hopes to support her students and pass on her diligence and knowledge in order to motivate and build up their confidence in their studies.

Luke Petersen

Luke Petersen graduated from Marcellin College Randwick in 2021, specialising primarily in the humanities to achieve an ATAR of 86.65. Guided by Dylan at Clear Education since year 11, he saw significant improvement over his year 10 English results, ultimately succeeding in both Extension subjects scoring HSC marks of 46/50 in Extension 1 and 43/50 in Extension 2. Additionally, his passion for Information Systems led him to score an exam mark of 89/100 in Information Processes and Technology. 

Luke started at CLEAR with a limited understanding of the role of literary techniques and textual analysis. However, he was provided with an opportunity to develop these skills, becoming highly proficient at English essay writing throughout his senior studies. As a CLEAR tutor, he aims to create similar opportunities to identify and fill gaps in students’ knowledge to succeed in the subject to the best of their ability. 

In 2022, Luke will begin studying a Bachelor of Commerce (International) at UNSW. 


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