Year 7 to 12 English Tutoring

Remember, English is the only subject in the HSC that has to count.

We can help you to become one of our high achievers in English.

What senior English courses do we tutor?




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Our Exceptional English tutoring

What do we mean by 'exceptional'?

In 2018 our 76 English students averaged 85%

  • The highest Advanced mark was 94%
  • The highest Standard mark was 94%
  • The highest Extension mark was 47/50

Our specialised, one on one English tutoring sessions focus towards individualising our lessons to address each student's specific needs.

Our experienced team of tutors understand that each student is different and will endeavour to fill in each individual students' gaps, in order  to build their confidence and clarity in English.

Interested in othter subjects?

Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN Changes - Reading, Writing and Language Conventions

Contact us today and find out about the changes to NAPLAN and how this will affect your child.


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