Year 7 to 12 Geography Tutoring

Year 11 and 12 Geography

We help complement your investigation into contemporary geographical issues to explore the ecology of the earth and understand the importance of effective management and actions that can be taken to shape future society. 

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Geography - An Investigation of the World

At CLEAR, we supplement students' geographical work in Year 7 to 10 as they transition into the HSC topics, applying their past knowledge in Years 11 and 12. We will help guide you in explaining and unpacking key geography principles and terms effectively as students explore four topics - Ecosystems at risk, people and economic activity, urban places and utilising geographic tools and skills.

We will help students to understand key geography terms as they use these unique skills to respond to a variety of multiple choice and short answer questions on two core units - ecological dimension and the spatial dimension

From this, we will then formulate, structure and plan geography essays as students respond to different case studies and scenarios. 

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Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN Changes

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