Year 7 to 12 Mathematics Tutoring

Aside from English, Maths is the most popular subject in the HSC.

We can help you become one of our high achievers in Maths.

What Mathematics courses do we tutor?



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Our Motivating Maths Tutoring

What do we mean by 'motivating'?

At CLEAR we target both logical mathematical skills, as well as ensuring that students have the knowledge to tackle any question thrown at them under exam conditions. We have assisted students in preparing for NAPLAN, Acer Scholarship, and Higher School Certificate Exams.

Our proven approach has students learn course content with our tutors, prior to learning it class, in order to increase confidence and ability, particularly when hearing it for the ‘second first time’ in a school environment. This cements teachings and allows students to instantly work productively in their allocated class time, also allowing a more positive attitude towards the course.

Our accomplished tutors tailor their lessons to each student's specific style and learning patterns, to help them unlock their potential in Maths. The one-on-one tutoring structure allows the student the
opportunity to directly quash any concerns first hand with an experienced member of our team, at a level and pace that is suited to them.

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Contact us today and find out about the changes to NAPLAN and how this will affect your child.


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