Kindergarten to Year 6 English Tutoring

In Kindergarten to Year 6, English and Mathematics makes up about 50 per cent of the school week, equivalent to at least 12 hours each week.

We provide a comfortable and encouraging learning environment, where specialised lessons will be structured to meet your child's needs. 

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We will help nurture the growth and academic development of your child in their early years.

Our family of tutors ensures an up-beat and engaging session that will help your child: 

  • Respond to a variety of text types, communicating with increasing confidence in a range of contexts;
  • Consolidate and improve reading, writing and language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation);
  • Engage in conversations and discussions, using active listening behaviours, showing interest, and contributing ideas, information and questions.

All of our tutors and their respective sessions will help your child feel confident and achieve clarity in their NAPLAN exams for reading, writing and language conventions. 

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