Y12 PDHPE: Ottawa Charter

Evaluate the effectiveness of the Ottawa charter for health promotion.
The typical PDHPE paragraph, much like English, follows a simple and effective TEEAL structure that can clearly address this question.

Topic sentence - brief statement answering the question using high modality language.

Example topic sentence - The Ottawa charter encompasses a multifaceted approach to promote behavioural change and increase overall empowerment over ones healthy lifestyle choices, enhancing well-being.

Elaborating sentence 
- introduce your first idea/aspect/topic of discussion and EXPLAIN what that aspect is.

Example elaborating sentence - The action areas of developing personal skills targets the developed Kent of interpersonal skills and educated knowledge to build ones capacity to make healthy choices.(for this example we are only going to discuss one action area)

- give a clear example in relation to your chosen idea

A clear example that endorses this action area is the implementation of mass media campaigns on smoking and drink driving in the pdhpe curriculum

- link the chosen example to the question, highlighting how it addresses what the question is asking.
This will help conquer awareness towards the associated negative health effects of certain negative behaviours i.e lung cancer from smoking, providing incentives for individuals to engage in health behaviours optimum for well being.

- using cause and effect, link back to your original argument seen in your topic sentence

Therefore, the action areas of the Ottawa charter can help address behavioural change by enhancing the community’s empowerment over healthy decisions through access to imperative health information.

*Please note that while this information is a great starting point for these texts, relying solely on the information in this post will not be enough to get a result in the top bands.


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